Canada Business Immigration

Canada Business immigration and start-up Investment

The most established and investment based business immigration program that also extend the pathway to Canadian permanent residency is the Canada Business Immigration program. There are a number of business investment programs:

Federal Immigrant Investor
The federal Startup Visa program
Self Employed Program
Investor Program

Every Province has its own areas and policies of operation. However, immigration experts at Deep Visa and Immigration Services majorly deal with the Federal level and business streams operated in British Columbia.

Temporary foreign Worker Program

At the federal level, there are a number of programs out of which buying a  business and moving to Canada is an option for rich immigrants. This is possible through Ottawa’s Temporary work permit following some owner-operator policies.

Start-Up Visa Program

Introduced in 2013, this program permits permanent residents and work permit holders to qualify for immigrant entrepreneurs. The program aims to provide recruitment to entrepreneurs and their linkage to business in private sectors in Canada.

British Columbia operates three business streams:

Entrepreneur Immigration
Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot
Entrepreneur Immigration – Strategic Projects

The Federal Self Employed Class

Candidates who have relevant self-employed experience, as well as intention and creativity to create chances for their own self-employment and, could make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada or either by investing in and managing a farming business.

To qualify under this program, one must be fulfilling the requirements. In order to check your eligibility and get started with your immigration process under this program contact us as soon as possible.

Immigration experts at Deep Visa and Immigration Services can guide you better about the eligibility requirements to start setting up your business in Canada. However, this could essentially lead you to hold an avail of Canadian permanent residency.