What are the UCI numbers and application numbers, which one is used to get GCMS notes?

Most of the applicants are often confused between UCI and Application number (file number) and wonder which one should be used to get GCMS notes. Both, the application number as well as the UCI number is listed on all correspondence received from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), as well as on the MyCIC account.

Application Number (File Number)

An application number (also referred to as file number), as the name suggests, is assigned to each application an applicant files with IRCC. Every application will have a different number and will be categorised by the type of application, which is filed. Even when an individual files multiple applications, each application will have a different number.

An application number starts with an alphabet followed by digits eg: E12345678. The alphabet signifies the type of application.

E123456789 for Economic application (mostly used for Express Entry)
EP12345678 for PNP applications,
V123456789 for Visitor’s visa, Visitor’s Record, or eTA;
F123456789 for Family Sponsorship;
S123456789 for the Study Permit;
W123456789 for the Work Permit;
H123456789 for Humanitarian and Compassionate considerations (H&C);
RHB123456789 for Rehabilitation;
L123456789 for Refugee claims;
N123456789 for Removal orders;
G123456789 for Refugee Resettlement;
C123456789 for Citizenship grant;
PR12345678 for Citizenship certificates’
D123456789 for temporary Resident Permit.
Unique Client Identifier (UCI) Number

UCI – “Unique Client Identifier” is a numeric reference that is unique to a client. It is assigned by IRCC to each individual whose case is being processed. Each client is given a different UCI. The UCI number remains the same, even when you file multiple applications with IRCC. If you have previously filed an application with IRCC, you would already have a UCI number. If you file a new application with IRCC, your UCI number will continue to remain the same, even though you will have a new application number.

UCI consists of digits only. A UCI can either be an eight-digit number or a 10 digit number which may or may not be separated by a hyphen. UCI numbers are usually depicted as:

####-####; or


If you recently submitted an application, you may see your UCI number as CAN1234567. This is a temporary number allocated until your data is entered into the system and a permanent UCI is generated.

When requesting GCMS notes should I use UCI or application number?

When you request GCMS notes it is important that you mention the application number. The application number is needed for the online and faster processing of your request. DVIS asks for both, UCI and application numbers, but the application number is important, even if UCI is not available.

Can I request GCMS notes even if I do not have an application number?

If you do not have an application number, you can still request GCMS notes, However, you will have to provide some information about the application for which you are requesting the GCMS notes. The information can include the kind of application (student visa, visitor’s visa, permanent residency, work permit etc.) for which you wish to obtain the GCMS notes, the year in which the application was filed, the country from where the application was filed, and any other information that you may have.

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