study in canada

Canada welcomes thousands of international students to live and study in Canada each year. In terms of academic standards, Canada provides high-quality education in some leading colleges and universities across the world. Earning a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is highly recognised and opens many doors for international graduates to excel in their future and careers.

The quality of Canadian degrees has high academic standards. However, tuition fees for international students are relatively low as compared to other countries across the world. This is the underlying reason for international students as to why they chose Canada to pursue an international post-secondary education at any college or university.

With a multicultural society, Canada provides numerous secure communities to live and study in Canada. The major liveable cities in Canada include Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto. Having said that, Canada is also considered a bilingual country with English and French as official languages.

Canada offers an expedited Study permit processing for international students from major Asian countries via the student direct stream program. To pursue your higher or post-secondary education in Canadian educational institutions under the student direct stream program which is available in certain Asian countries (India, China, Philippines, Pakistan or Vietnam), Contact us directly. We can quickly walk you through the steps, guidelines and various prospects. Canada looks at international students as key new PR residents provided their Canadian education, Canadian work experience, and their language ability.
It’s of utmost importance to state the fact which also can not be overlooked that during the COVID 19 pandemic, the Canadian government supported the residents of Canada financially. “Residents” includes international students, work permit holders, permanent residents and Canadian citizens. International students are ae also eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit to gain Canadian work experience post the completion of the study. Immigration Consultants at Deep visa and Immigration services can assist you in applying for your post-graduation work permit.

Deep Visa & Immigration Services helps desired students to get student study permit visas. We also help you to choose the best University along with appropriate courses. Our experts also help you in the complete documentation process so you have a simple and hassle-free experience with your application. Whereas after your education you will also be eligible for a Canadian work permit or maybe Canadian permanent residency.

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  • Hassle-free documentation process.
  • Guidance to choose the best University & course.
  • Support in a change of University of course.
  • Help to get a Canadian work permit or permanent residency after education