Work Permit

A Canadian Work permit is a permission to take a job within Canada if you are from a foreign country. Canada is a perfect place to kick-start or boost your career with a myriad of opportunities ready to embrace you. And to make that possible one of the important parameters is a Canadian Work Permit. There are different types of work visas available depending on the type of application and the applicant’s profile. We help you to get a work permit and guide you to qualify in one of the immigration programs. International Candidates who wish to work in Canada on a temporary basis usually requires a work permit. The two major programs under which the candidate can avail work permit are the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and the International Mobility Program (IMP).

The temporary foreign worker program permits candidates whose employers get their LMIA’s approved. However, the International Mobility program does not require an LMIA. however, the employer still has to provide the employment offer to the candidate. Canada issues two types of work permits:

  • Open Work Permit
  • Employer specific work permit which is majorly LMIA based

The Worker Program allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals to fill temporary labour and skill shortages when qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available.

Foreign workers must demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the job by presenting evidence of their work experience and educational background. They must pass security background checks, and depending on the occupation, a medical examination may also be required. The foreign workers work permit will indicate the name of the employer, and will restrict the employee from working for another employer. Under the law, temporary foreign workers – individuals who are neither Canadian citizens nor Canadian permanent residents – are only authorized to work in Canada for a finite amount of time. We at Deep Visa & Immigration Services help you to achieve a foreign worker visa & also help to extend the visa permit to a new work permit beyond the expiry date.

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  • Help you to get the proper work visa as per your skills.
  • Help you to acquire points to be eligible for a work permit visa.
  • Easy and hassle-free complete documentation process.
  • Help workers nominated by a Province for Permanent Residence.
  • Program for spouses/partners of skilled workers or full-time students.